The WEDGTABULL (wedge the table) has been created by an Australian bloke with a passion for problem solving and innovation.
Applying those core values of innovation, problem solving and practicality the WEDGTABULL is born; providing a solution to one of life’s most frustrating problems… the Wobbly Table!  No more will there be embarrassing moments of tipped beers or spilt coffees. No more wasting coasters or other random bits of whatever you can find, that don’t quite get it right and only half resolve your problem.
Not only does the WEDGTABULL resolve your wobbly table issues but it also doubles up as a stubby and tinny opener all fitting nicely onto your keyring.
Inspired by the modern day short board and a scene from jaws, we have incorporated “bottle and can” opener functions.  You can crack a tinny with the point of the surfboard or get those shark bite jaws around the neck of your craft beer to flip that lid. Then of course if you get that dreaded wobbly table, you can just wedge it.
Why not use the WEDGTABULL to promote you business or show someone how much you care, or you could just get your own name on there so it doesn’t get mixed up with your mate’s WEDGTABULL!
This product screams out to businesses everywhere as a fresh slice of marketing gold, promoting values of innovation, problem solving and practicality.
We have the capability to add customised business logos and personal touches to the WEDGTABULL.

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